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April 18, 2006



Yeah, I've even had other people laugh at me. I'm trying to get two girls going in the same direction and some !@#$ is laughing at me!


A big perk of being the last of my friends to have a baby is, we all help each other. But, I come from a pretty big extended family, and don't give helping friends or strangers a second thought.

When I'm out with a childless friend (I still have a few) or my sister or someone who doesn't think to help, I just start directing them. I'm very bossy that way!



(Just found your blog through a comment left somewhere--I am mom of boy/girl twins, 10 months).

A friend and I were at an outdoor shopping mall this week, and I left her behind in a store I wasn't interested in. BIG MISTAKE! As I tried to maneuver into and out of stores with my double stroller, there were people all around, yet no one offering to help. And I live in the South--where's the chivalry???


amen sister! i do have to say, though, i generally get *some* people to help....though, it might be because i often look like the teenage babysitter or something....i also get annoyed at all those smart arses who feel the need to point out how unsafe it is to have one kid in the seat of the cart and one in the basket when there aren't any other options. do people think i'm really that deaf and stupid?? i can hear, and i don't appreciate people pointing out the obvious. when you're stuck with singleton carts everywhere, you have no choice but to put the calmer twin in danger by letting her ride in the basket of the cart.

sheesh...i didn't expect to get all that off my already little chest! LMAO!

hope you and the kidlets are doing well!


i usually FORCE people into helping....try this: Next time you are out to lunch with friends, simply plop a baby in her/his lap, and say something like "can you put his bib on while i go get highchairs?" Even if they don't like it, they are going to feel too lazy and selfish to say no. i've even done this with strangers.
side note: the other day, not only did two women laugh at me because my kids were running in different directions, but they actually held a conversation that went like this:
"How does she manage THREE babies!"
"I don't know....I would shoot myself in the head!"
Um, Hey! Those are my kids you are talking about! Um, they really are quite sweet and not to be considered the breaking point for people's suicidal tendencies! Sheesh!
But really....most of the time, if I nonchalantly ask for (insist on) help, people are ok with it....i think they just don't think of it....we do live in a non-community-oriented...your family-not mine kind of society lately, don't we?


I've had this problem with friends too. The worst thing about it is that one person who did this to me was a mom! She had her 2 year old with her, and both my boys were howling. Her kid was fine - not needing anything - but she never lifted a finger to help. I find it easiest to go out with other moms of multiples. Somehow, despite the fact that we have way more kids-per-adult than most moms ever have to deal with, it works, because we all "get it". People don't get why I won't fly with my 13-month olds, even if we have two people. I point out that in order to have the same amount of help on the plane as most people have with one baby, you'd need FOUR adults.


Bravo! Maybe people are afraid to help these days because of all the crap you hear on the news. Nobody wants to get accused of something or sued. Maybe that's part of it?

Or maybe it's just different areas. People here have usually been very helpful, and it's made a big difference. There have been times when the stroller was stuck in a door and I couldn't go one way or the other without help. People have been kind and it's always made me feel so nice, since as you said already it's not just twice as hard with two!

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