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April 17, 2006



So what time of books are you into (besides the Earth Child series)? Fantasy- Kashiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey Mystery- John Sandford's Prey series, starting with Rules of Prey Romance- Nora Robert's Born in Trilogy starting with Born in Fire I have no idea what type of catagory it fits in but Laurie R. King's Folly is fantastic. Actually any and all that she writes is great, she has a couple different series. Give A Grave Talent a try, her descriptive passages are amazing.

Nic, I've heard of Kashiel's Dart series, I guess it's time to read them... I'm not that into Nora Roberts, although I will listen to her on audio in the car. I'll definitely look into John Sanford, that's a new name for me. I LOVE Laurie King, esp. her Mary uhh... "Holmes" series. I love the FOlly books as well. Have not gotten into the A Grave Talent, maybe I should try them again. I really adore her writing.

I should do a new post on my favorite books. It's just so hard to list them all. AND I am all over the board in genre.


Philip Pullman's series that begins with _The Golden Compass_. They can be found in the children's or young adult section, but they are fabulous literature, with similarly compelling characters that make you think about them after the books are long done.

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