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March 21, 2006



Stop pumping! At this point, there is very little chance of you drying up. Start moving your one session later and later in the day until you can comfortably go without.

And yeah, the "don't offer don't refuse" technique is often used when starting the weaning process. WRT to milk intake, Jamie's the same way. Some days he wants nurse constantly, or drink soy milk from his cup, other days he wants nothing to do with milk and just wants water. Who knows, they're toddlers.

That's my excuse for everything these days. Who knows? He's a toddler!


I just stopped pumping for my twins, and I seem to have plenty of milk at the times that I normally nurse them still. On the other hand, N is lactose intolerant, so we have to buy whole milk Lactaid. It's so wonderful not to have to pump. Seriously, I didn't complain much when it was part of my routine, but I looooove not having to deal with it anymore. Congratulations on 17 months of breastfeeding - what an accomplishment!

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